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Homer Town Hall

A Town and Its Hall

Homer Town Hall circa 1907

When Cortland County marked its bicentennial in 2008, the Town Hall for the Town of Homer observed its centennial celebration and commenced renovations to keep it in use for another hundred years. Of course, there would have been no Hall to preserve without the Town, and the origins of the Town of Homer predate the origins of the County of Cortland by fourteen years.

And what an interesting story it is of the Town of Homer, of some of its citizens who went on to state and national fame, and of its historic Hall at 31 North Main Street in the village of the same name as the Town’s. It is an account of men and women striving to offer their skills and talents to do their best to bring themselves and their neighbors the municipal services needed in their lifetimes; it is an account of a building that has had to be many things to many people. It is, above all, a story of adaptability through the past 221 years.

This is the first of a series of monthly installments on our local history as taken from the Town of Homer Minutes of 1795 to the present, along with nineteen other sources.

Homer Town Hall, 1908