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Meeting Notice – August 11, 2017

                                      TOWN OF HOMER


HOMER, NY  13077

PH. (607)749-4581 FAX (607)749-3364

DATE:   August 11, 2017

TO:   Town of Homer Planning Board members; John Daniels, Code Enforcement Officer; Patrick Snyder, Attorney

FROM:  Eugene Wright, Chairman, Planning Board


DATE:  Wednesday, August 30th

TIME:    7:00 p.m.

PLACE:  Board room, Town Hall Building

SUBJECT:  1. Public hearing on a revised application by Diana McClure for subdivision approval to create 4 lots out of an 11.3 acre parcel on Cosmos Hill Road and Route 90.

                    2. Public hearing on an application to subdivide 75 acres out of a 337 acre parcel owned by Richard & Sarah Lansdowne at 155 Route 41A.

cc:  Applicants

      Property owners adjacent to applicants   

      Cortland Standard

      L. Andersen, recording secretary