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Meeting Notice – May 22, 2019

HOMER, NY 13077
PH. (607)749-4581 FAX (607)749-3364

DATE: May 14, 2019

TO: Town of Homer Planning Board members;
John Daniels, Code Enforcement Officer; Patrick Snyder, Attorney

FROM: Eugene Wright, Chairman


DATE: Wednesday, May 22nd

TIME: 7:00 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting will be back in our newly renovated (but temporarily furnished) board room on the main floor!

SUBJECT: 1. Public hearing on an application by Jason & Dina Kristof for approval to subdivide their property at 722 NYS Route 90 into parcels of approximately 10 acres and 5.8 acres.
2. Public hearing on an application by East River Dairy for site plan approval for a manure storage pit to be located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Forbes Road and Corl Hill Road.
3. Review of an application by Robert & Nancy Chase to subdivide their property at the intersection of Route 11 and Health Camp Road.
4. Further discussion about farm wedding and/or event venues.

Cc: Applicants
Property owners adjacent to applicants
Lindsay Andersen, recording secretary
Cortland Standard