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Meeting Notice – September 26, 2018

HOMER, NY 13077
PH. (607)749-4581 FAX (607)749-3364

DATE: September 17, 2018

TO: Town of Homer Planning Board members
John Daniels, Code Enforcement Officer; Patrick Snyder, Attorney

FROM: Eugene Wright, Chairman


DATE: Wednesday, September 26th

TIME: 7:00 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to office renovations the meeting will take place in the Senior Center located in the basement of the Town Hall. Please use the entrance at the back of the building adjacent to the parking lot.


  1. Public hearing on an application by Michael R. Park to subdivide a 24.30 acre parcel at 5164 McDonald Road into one with 1.5 acres, and another with approximately 22.80 acres.
  2. Review of an application by Homer Storage Solar, LLC, for site plan approval for a 166 KW solar energy project at 5211 Route 11, tax map no. 56.00-01-58.120.
  3. Review of an application by Jason Kristof for site plan approval to brew beer at his property (for sale/distribution off premises) at 722 State Route 90.
  4. Further discussion of a possible change in the Town Zoning Law to allow for farm breweries/wineries/distilleries in certain districts with a Special Permit.

cc: Applicants
Property owners adjacent to applicants Park & Kristof
Cortland Standard
L. Andersen, recording secretary