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Regular Meeting – August 24,2016

Town of Homer Planning Board
Minutes for Wednesday, August 24,2016 at 7:30pm

Board Members (absent *)
Eugene Wright, Chairman Michael McMahon
Betsy Gray
Bruce Crandall *
Stuart Young
Chad Butts*
Michael May

Public Attendance: None

Others Present
Pat Snyder, Attorney

Regular Meeting
Chairman Wright opened discussion for zoning of solar energy projects. The following is a list of items that were discussed based on the Model Ordinance For Solar Photovoltaic Systems. This was from the Central NY Regional Planning & Development Board. ( Lindsay does a much better job of note taking!)


  1. Prohibition on “Prime Farmland” (1-4 classifications are Prime Farmland).
  2. Based on NYS soil group worksheets-Federal web site-there are 1 O classifications.
  3. Mike McMahon will contact NYS Ag & Markets and also Fesko Farms to find out more·.
  4. Large Solar Energy System-larger than 200 kw.
  5. Medium Solar Energy-25kw-200km.
  6. Ground mounted -decommissioned for Medium and Large Systems.
  7. A bond should be required and assigned to the town for Medium and Large Systems.


  1. Building permits are needed for safety and for assessor knowledge.
  2. Site Plan Review for residential lots.

-Pat Snyder will get someone from soil and water to talk to our group about farmland.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.
Betsy Gray, Substitute Recording Secretary