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Regular Meeting July 25, 2018

Town of Homer Planning Board
Minutes for Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 7:00pm

Board Members (absent*)

Eugene Wright, Chairman
Michael McMahon*
Betsy Gray
Bruce Crandall
Stuart Young
Chad Butts*
Michael May

Others present
Lindsay Anderson, Recording Secretary*
John Daniels, CEO
Patrick Snyder, Attorney
Jason Kristoff
Mike Park
Jerry Davis

Regular meeting

Chairman Wright opened the meeting at 7:00pm.
Lot line adjustment on 5944 Cold Brook Rd. Property owned by Jerry Davis. Add 50 ft to parcel

46.00-01-19 ( 1.43 acres) from ( 4.81 acres). Once survey is completed the adjustment can be completed. The approval is conditioned upon the 50 ft. wide strip being added to the tax map parcel that is 1.43 acres. Motion made by Betsy Gray, Seconded by Mike May

Request by Jason Kristoff to Build a Small Farm Brewery on his property on Route 90, which is Zoned Residential. It was noted that he would need a use Variance, and the zoning law is very strict for a use variance. Attorney Snyder suggested that he might want to approach the Town Board about allowing a farm brewery subject to obtaining a conditional use permit from the planning board. It would require a formal change to the Town Zoning law. Mr. Kristoff said he would ask to be placed on the Town Board agenda for the next meeting.

E. River Acres, Approved 5-0. It will be considered at the next planning board meeting which will be held on August 22nd at 7PM. Motion made by Mike May, Seconded by Betsy Gray.

Route 11 Solar Farm request was received and copies will be sent to all members.

A request to have chickens on Briar Hill Rd was discussed, a site plan needs to done. John Daniels will address it. It was suggested that we may want to ch,inge the Local Law to allow chicken without Planning Board approval. This would need to go before the Town Board to be changed.

Mike Park addressed the Board about a subdivision on McDonald Rd. The subdivision will require an area variance because it will not be 2.4 acres in size due to the configuration of the buildings on the site.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.