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Regular Meeting – March 23, 2016

Town of Homer Planning Board

Minutes for Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 7:30pm

Board Members (absent *)                                        Others Present

Eugene Wright, Chairman                              Lindsay Andersen, Recording Secretary

Michael McMahon                                         Kevin McMahon, Deputy CEO*

Betsy Gray                                                       Pat Snyder, Attorney

Bruce Crandall*

Stuart Young*

Chad Butts

Michael May

Public Attendance:  Atty. David Ames

Regular Meeting

Chairman Wright opened discussion for the proposed lot line adjustment by Carol Olson for her property at 699 Hunter Lane.

The applicant stated that he has corresponded with the Cortland County Health Department. The applicant presented an e-mail that had been sent to him by Mike Ryan at the Health Department which stated that a waiver is not needed for a lot line adjustment and he sees no conflict for a new proposed septic system if ever needed.

Member McMahon made the motion to declare a lot line adjustment and approve the lot line adjustment as proposed. Member Butts seconded the motion. With all members in favor saying “aye”, none opposed and none abstained. The motion was carried unanimous 5,0,0.

Chairman Wright opened discussion for the application by Nancy Smith for a subdivision of her property on McDonald Road. Attorney David Ames was present to represent Nancy Smith. He stated that Nancy Smith is planning to sell her farm and would like to retain the property that the current cell phone tower is located on. He stated that he is aware that the minimum lot size is 2.4 acres and there is only 3 acres within the sale for negotiation. He stated that he believes there is a 300 foot road frontage requirement which he is uncertain they will be able to meet.

Attorney Snyder pointed out that page 26 of the Zoning Law outlines the requirements for lot size in the agricultural district. Member McMahon stated that there needs to be sufficient frontage and a total of 300’ depth setback which does not necessarily mean road frontage. Attorney Snyder stated that there are lot size and setback requirements outlined on Page 108 of the zoning law in the section dealing with communication towers, which should also be considered. It appeared that this section of the zoning law was intended to regulate the lot size at issue.

Attorney David Ames stated that he will have more information at the next meeting. He will research the Zoning Law and will also speak to the surveyor regarding the fall zone required for the tower.

Member McMahon made the motion to give conceptual approval for a 3 acre lot with a 60 foot roadway. Member May seconded the motion. With all members in favor saying “aye”, none opposed and none abstained. The motion was carried unanimous 5,0,0. It was understood that more details and a public hearing would be required once the plans were finalized.

The next planning board meeting was scheduled for April 27, 2016 at 7:30pm.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Lindsay M. Andersen, Recording Secretary