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Special Meeting – November 7, 2019

Special meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Homer held on Wednesday, November 7, 2019, in the Town Hall board room was called to order by Supervisor Frederick J. Forbes, Sr., at 1:40 p.m.


                Frederick J. Forbes, Sr., Supervisor

                Larry R. Jones, Councilman

                Michael R. Park, Councilman

                Kevin M. Williams, Councilman

                Anita W. Jebbett, Town Clerk


                Barry E. Warren, Councilman

Supervisor Forbes reported that the Homer Fire District had held a meeting that morning and had approved an override of the tax levy cap.  They had also approved of raising $130,497 in their 2020 Fire District budget.

On motion by Supervisor Forbes, seconded by Councilman Williams and carried unanimously:  RESOLVED: that the preliminary Town budget is hereby adopted as the final 2020 Town budget, with the tax rate for Village residents to be $1.31 per thousand, and for Town residents, $1.31 per thousand plus a Fire District tax rate of $.62 per thousand, for a total rate of $1.93.

Councilman Williams said that he has been unable to obtain more than one quote for the updating of a fire alarm system in the Town Hall.

On motion by Councilman Williams, seconded by Councilman Park and carried unanimously:  RESOLVED: that the quote from Beard Electric, LLC,  to install new fire alarm devices, CO2 detectors, and exit signs in the Homer Town Hall for $7,712.00 is approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                                Anita W. Jebbett

                                                                                                                                Town Clerk