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Town Board Meeting

This event has ended

Town of Homer
Board Meeting January 10, 2024 6:30 pm Board Room
Michael Park (Supervisor)
Barry Warren (Deputy Supervisor)
Kevin Williams, Caleb Leach, Sarah Head (Councilmembers)
Heather Hill (Town Clerk)
Brooke Poli (Deputy Town Clerk)
Daniel J. Ellis II (Attorney),
John Phelps (Highway Superintendent)

Minutes – Vote
General Bills – Voucher # – Vote
Highway Bills – Voucher# – Vote
Monthly reports – Clerks, Supervisor’s, Code, and Dog Officer – Receive & File
Introduce Dan Ellis Town Attorney
John Phelps – Update
Legislator – Update
Kevin McMahon – Code update
Mike McMahon – Planning update
Dan Gustafson – ZBA update
Supervisors Appointments – 2024 appointments
Book Keeper position – Appt Fred Forbes
Civil service Papers – Positions – Vote
CBBG Mortgage – Paid off – Receive & File
Winter fest – Wave $50.00 fee – Vote
Elevator –Fire alarm update – Review – Vote
Procurement Policy – Review – INFO
ZBA member
Bridge Update – Info
Homer Solar Project – Update
Executive session – Personnel
Pat Snyder