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Town Board Meeting

This event has ended

Town of Homer
Board Meeting February 14, 2024 6:30 pm Board Room
Michael Park (Supervisor), Barry Warren (Deputy Supervisor), Kevin Williams, Caleb Leach, Sarah Head (Councilpersons), Heather Hill (Town Clerk), Brooke Poli (Deputy Town Clerk), Daniel J. Ellis II (Attorney),
John Phelps (Highway Superintendent)

Item / Nature INFORMATION Type of Action
Minutes   Vote
Monthly Reports Clerks, Supervisors Code, Dog Officer Receive & File
Dog Control Officer & Municipal Shelter Inspection Reports Lindsay Receive & File
General Bills Voucher # Vote
Correction to Highway Vouchers – Abstract #12 of 2023 Added Voucher #434, in the amount of $13,403.59,
totaling Abstract #12 of 2023 to $30,421.27
Highway Bills 2024 Voucher # Vote
Privilege of the Floor   INFO
John Phelps Highway Superintendent INFO
Clerk INFO, tax collections, etc. INFO
2nd Tax Collection Account Heather Vote
Tax Extension Letter   Vote & Sign
Budget Adjustment Supervisor Vote
CDBG Release Letters (X2) Grant complete Supervisor Vote
Hot box purchase With Village Supervisor Vote