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Town Board Meeting

This event has ended

Town of Homer
Board Meeting March 13, 2024
6:30 pm Board Room
Michael Park (Supervisor), Barry Warren (Deputy Supervisor),
Kevin Williams, Caleb Leach, Sarah Head (Councilpersons),
Heather Hill (Town Clerk), Brooke Poli (Deputy Town Clerk),
Daniel J. Ellis II (Attorney),
John Phelps (Highway Superintendent)

Item / NatureINFORMATIONType of Action
Minutes   Vote   
Monthly ReportsClerks, Supervisors Code, Dog OfficerReceive & File   
General BillsVoucher #  Vote   
Highway Bills  Voucher #  Vote   
Privilege of the Floor Info   
John PhelpsHighway SuperintendentInfo   
ClerkInfo, Tax Collections, etc.Info   
Martin SweenyEsther Matilda TallmanInfo/Vote   
Arts Collection LetterReviewInfo/Vote   
Town Hall EntranceReview RFP And Release to BidVote   
Overnight Parking Town Hall     
Funds /BookkeeperTransfer FundsInfo/Vote   
Reserve FundsBridge, Chips, Building ProjectReview/Vote   
Court AuditKevin/CalebUpdate   
Energy AuditReviewVote   
Comprehensive PlanPossible GrantsInfo/Vote   
Board Room ChairsBids    
Board Room TVUpdateInfo   
Building Update Info   
Personal PolicyUpdateInfo   
Dan EllisAttorneyInfo   
Documents for Board Meeting:
Historian Martin Sweeney- Esther Matilda Tallman
CEC Grant Projects Guide
Resolution Town of Homer- Energy Benchmark
Town of Homer Collection Management Policy
Bid Notification-Maintenance