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Town Board Meeting

This event has ended

Town of Homer

Board Meeting



March 2, 2022

6:30 pm Public Hearing — Proposed Local Law #2 2022 Event Centers Public Hearing — Proposed Local Law #3 2022 Health Insurance

(Followed by Board Meeting)

Flag Minutes






  1. Board Member to Audit Paid Bills on Thursday 3/3/22
  2. Tax Extension
  3. Cortland County Youth Bureau (Rebecca Smith)
  4. East Homer Crossing Road Concern
  5. Martin Sweeney Grant Money for Historic Marker in the amount of $1,140.00
  6. Vote on Insurance Law
  7. No vote on Zoning Law
  8. Joan Leopardi — CDBG — (See bid Tabulation Form print out form)
  9. Erin Mahunik — Replacement for Betsy Gray- in effect in April
  10. Town Hall Cameras Update
  11. Vote on Participation of 2022 Shared Services Grant (Permanent Records)
  12. Bridge Comm meeting date
  13. Town Hall Basement meeting with the Village
  14. Blinds for Clerk’s Office- outer windows and inside windows for privacy
  15. John Phelps
  16. Pat Snyder
  17. Legislator Report
  18. Other
  19. Update on Assessor’s Office