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Code Enforcement Officer

Kevin McMahon

The Town of Homer provides enforcement of the New York State Building Code and the Town Zoning Law for the Town outside of the Village of Homer.

Code Enforcement Officer: Kevin J. McMahon

Phone: 607-745-0004

Building Permits

Building Permit Fee Schedule

New Residential Construction (includes manufactured or modular homes) 
     1st 1500 square feet$375.00
     Each additional 500 square feet or part thereof75.00
Shed/storage building – 500 square feet or under50.00
Storage building/garage/pole barn – 500 to 1000 sq feet
     Each additional 1000 square feet or part thereof75.00
Agricultural buildingN/C
Additions (residential or commercial including attached garage)150.00
Alterations/renovations/structural repairs100.00
Above-ground pool installation50.00
In-ground pool installation75.00
Woodstove/outdoor furnace inspection25.00
Demolition permit (depending on size)25.00/50.00
Renew expired building permit50.00

Zoning information

Local Law #1 of 2010 – Flood Damage Protection Law

Local Law #1 of 2014 – Regulating Wind Energy Facilities

Local Law #1 of 2015 – Site Plan Approval for Certain Manure Storage Facilities

Local Law #1 of 2019 – Allowing Farm Breweries in Certain Districts

Homer Chickens Zoning Law

Homer Solar Zoning Law

Town of Homer Zoning Law

Town of Homer Zoning Map

Town of Homer Agricultural Map